3 Things AmazonHealth Will Invest In.

February 7, 2018

3 Things AmazonHealth Will Invest In

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for 45% of all deaths. After trillions of spending to marginally reduce mortality, I read that owning a dog results in 23% lower risk of CVD death. (Scientific Reports 2017)

Would you agree that the medical community is missing the opportunity to lead healthcare innovation?

I recently read that young doctors accept ‘medical factory’ work largely to get rid of college debt, and older doctors are driven into early retirement due to inability to adapt to EMRs. So much lost potential!

But fear not. Tech giants, like Amazon, care. Here are three tech-innovations that will positively disrupt our care delivery:


  1. Care Coordination: Care remains notoriously uncoordinated, coordinated care is around 80% less costly. (SEC 2010) Well-defined, risk-adjusted Care Pathways deployed on technology platforms will entirely solve this problem.


  1. Enablement of Caregivers:

In Care Pathways, as doctors can shift tasks to case-managers (±80% in chronic diseases); patients can request support by Caregivers (spouse, parent, friend). Think how technology can assist Caregivers in medication adherence, scheduling and monitoring.


  1. AI-driven Care Pathways:

Elon Musk figured out that his vehicle for AI is a car, what is the ‘vehicle’ to use in healthcare? Care Pathways are the ideal vehicle to couple to AI. Continuous risk-adjustments can be made which will allow patients to fully navigate around undesired health outcomes.


Soon we will look back at 45% CVD mortality in complete disbelief. Luckily, we have a wonderful German shepherd named Charlie…


Daniel Hommes