Ok, so how do we prevent Healthcare Infobesity...?

January 7, 2018

Have you heard of ‘Healthcare Infobesity’…? I consider it the overweight brother of Health Analytics: a state of Information Overload that serves little purpose.

The Healthcare Analytics market has exploded, and is currently valued at $9 Billion and expected to hit $30 Billion by 2022. This is largely driven by efforts to lower overall health expenditures. Hospitals, ACOs, MCOs are spending fortunes, but what has been the ROI? So far, the cost-curve has not given in…

Consider healthcare analytics to be ‘fuel’ (consider Infobesity to be massive fuel storage facilities). If you don’t have the right vehicle(s) to put your fuel in, you are not going anywhere!

If health analytics is not meaningful connected to a busy Monday morning in an overcrowded doctor’s office, nothing will happen. For example, a daily average of 26 dashboards on provider-variation does not really guarantee improved health outcomes or lower costs. Right…?

What does work, is to connect daily Care Pathways (the vehicle) with Risk-adjusting Models (the fuel), derived from Big Data and/or Molecular Profiles. These risk-adjusted pathways are perfectly capable to daily assist providers, patients and their caregivers in navigating around disease complications.

True ‘Triple Aim’ effectiveness is connecting the right data to the right daily care, and not allowing overinflated analytics proliferate healthcare complexity.

Daniel Hommes