Dear Care Manager, have you heard about Customer Success Management?

November 13, 2017

Customer Success Management?

It refers to the integration of business functions such as marketing, sales, support, with the goal of driving the adoption, engagement, and satisfaction for those products customers purchase on a subscription-based model. It has become very relevant on the subscription-based economy (think of Netflix, Amazon Prime as examples). If you have received an email with a recommendation from Netflix about “a movie that you might like” then customer success is working on you. The ultimate goal of customer success is that the customer adopt and use the service faster, so the service generates faster and better outcomes for the business.


What has this to do with Value-based healthcare? Think of Chronic diseases, they stay with the individual for a long period of time (hence the term chronic). Today’s healthcare delivery is very much focused on managing episodes of care rather than managing the individual health over long periods of time, even when the diseases is in mild/dormant state. This complicates patient and provider understanding and management of the health of the patient. To address this problem, several organizations and even tech companies such as are now looking at more holistic ways of delivering “Patient Success Management” or “Health Success Management” in general.


We believe in healthcare that delivers Health Success Management, where patient health and well-being is the metric to track and the goal to achieve and maintain, where Health Success Managers and the invisible technology help to deliver care and keep the individual engaged and interested in their own health. We are getting there.


Alberto Montilla