How it works

The care management platform continuously supports providers in accurate decisions for (complex) chronic patients. The objectives of the recommendations have a sharp focus on the Triple Aim: enhanced experiences, improved outcomes and cost control. Providers are de-burdened and can spend more time on support & shared-decision making.

Bringing it into practice
DEARhealth Care Pathways contain ALL medically required activities and associated support programs. Care pathways deliver the right care at the right time to the right person in the right location. Deeply integrated are (supervised) support programs (e.g. mental, nutritional, adherence, education). The DEARhealth platform allows significant task-shifting within provider teams and empowers patients and their caregivers.

Navigate chronic patients around health risks
Similar to the AI of self-driving cars, DEARhealth uses AI to navigate chronic patients around health risks. Continuously, risk-adjustments are made to the care pathway and presented to providers. Using deep learning, care pathways become more and more individual and precise over time.

AI-Recommender Function
Data input from disease-specific features are continuously influencing risk-classifiers which in turn are associated with pathway configurations. These recommendations are 24/7 routed to the front-end EMR. The AI-powered Recommender is populated by outcomes of 1) common and/or disease specific algorithms and 2) deep learnings. Physician behavior can be optimized since patient outcomes are correlated with physicians’ acceptance or rejections of recommendations.

Let’s optimize care for complex costly diseases together. Please contact us for additional information or request a demo.