You are enrolled into the program by your provider team based upon your diagnosis.

Once enrolled, you are trained and will start your personalized care pathway which is constantly fine-tuned by health outcomes and risk patterns.

Your experience is enriched through 24/7 connectivity with your care coordinator, and multiple integrated educational and wellness programs.

All easily accessible through your smartphone (iOS & Android).


You are providing care for a number of patients with certain diagnoses.

For a large number of patients with various diagnoses, this platform projects annual care pathways and provides you with 24/7 decision support on health outcomes.
In addition, you can review your personal performance and effectively shift tasks within your care team, increasing efficiency and cutting costs.


Value-based Insurance models can be designed incorporating cost projections for certain populations at risk.

Our platform enhances patient compliance and provider performance through a wide range of program elements:

  • The provider network analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Shared risk contracting
  • Financial reports
  • Disease specific bundling