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DEARhealth in a Nutshell

Clinical knowledge continues to grow exponentially. An increasing number of data points must be weighed when deciding how to best manage the care of patients. We want to help doctors and nurses keep up, providing clinical decision support in the shape of recommended care pathways (a set timeline e.g. 12 months of planned care activities) based on patient and disease characteristics monitored continuously throughout a patient’s care. This allows doctors and nurses to proactively weigh these data and avoid bad health outcomes like hospitalizations, rather than reactively after the fact. Especially for chronic diseases, where patients must live with ongoing health risks, we want to mitigate those risks by improving experiences and outcomes based on the latest clinical expertise.

Our DEARhealth concept of clinical decision support has already proven its value to healthcare systems in the US. In 2020 we went live in the first hospital in the Netherlands. Many more are waiting to follow.

Team Culture

  • We have a small, multi-cultural team in the Netherlands that collaborates internationally with stakeholders in the US
  • We love to collaborate – we jump on calls easily when needed, leave when it’s too much
  • We are independent – you are encouraged to pick up problems you identify and propose solutions
  • We decide how we want to work – together with the team you design your environment
  • We are free to choose the best tools and frameworks to solve the problem at hand

Tech Stack

  • A shiny backend written in serverless Python micro services hosted on AWS lambda and Dynamo DB
  • We use cool patterns like CQRS, event sourcing and asynchronous messages passing over EventBridge
  • Freshly designed portal for doctors and nurses in Angular 10
  • Rich patient applications in Swift and Kotlin
  • Automated e2e and BDD tests using the CodeceptJS framework

Perks & benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Pension compensation
  • An employee equity plan
  • Unlimited holidays
  • MacBook Pro or Microsoft Surface if you prefer it
  • A budget for peripherals
  • Flexible working hours, outside meetings you choose when you want to work
  • Possibility to work from home
  • Personal development budget (in either time or by following courses or relevant side-projects)

Important notice

We kindly request all professional staffing or recruitment agencies.to refrain from offering their services or sending us unsolicited resumes and such.
Please note that by contacting us or sending us such information, whether per e-mail, the internet or directly and without a valid and signed agreement, we reserve the right to use this information to identify and recruit potential candidates without any restrictions or any fee of any kind due. 

Open vacancies

Currently we have openings for a:

  • DevOps
  • Senior developer
  • QA tester

Are you interested? Sent your application or any questions you might have to hr@dearhealth.com