What is the problem DEARhealth is trying to solve?

  • Complex chronic diseases are responsible for the majority of healthcare expenditures.
  • We at DEARhealth are on a mission to take on these challenging chronic diseases.
  • Our goal is to improve patient health outcomes and experiences while reducing costs.

What have we Achieved?

Decrease in Hospitalizations
Reduction of Emergency Department visits
Reduction of Relapse Rate

How does DEARhealth do it?

Our platform reduces disease severity in high cost and complex chronic diseases. The DEARHealth platform offers fully integrated solutions that work synergistically to form our Care Pathways:

  • Care Coordination through Disease Specific Care-Pathways modeled by our proprietary Authoring Tool.
  • Health Analytics for predictive modeling and continuous customization.
  • Biomarkers and Molecular Profiling for precision care.
  • Behavioral health modules for improved wellbeing and health outcomes.
  • Wellness & Education for providing optimal user experience and empowerment.


Health Innovation Award
Patient Transformation Award
Patient’s Voice Award
Winner UCLA Health Shark Tank
Medtech Innovator Finalist

Why DEARhealth?

  • Personalized & Integrated Care
    Personalized & Integrated Care Pathways Modeled by our Authoring Tool.
  • Continuous Customization
    Using Machine Learning for continuous customization of Care Pathways and predictive modeling
  • 24/7 Availability
    24/7 Connectivity with a dedicated Care Team
  • Increased Wellbeing
    Integrated Behavioral Health Solutions for Patients
  • Empowered Patients
    Empowerment through Wellness and Educational modules

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