Let’s scale AI-powered continuous care

DEARhealth bundles the experience of expert medical specialists, nurses, scientists and big-data analytics to continuously optimize care for complex costly diseases.

A new Monday morning

DEARhealth improves health outcomes and experiences while reducing costs. Risk-adjusting care reduces unnecessary clinic visits and procedures. The busy Monday morning feels good again.

How it works

AI-powered care pathways assist providers in the management of complex care by structuring required clinic visits, labs, procedures and other medical activities.

The results

The platform was developed at UCLA and rigorously tested throughout the years in prototypic complex chronic diseases: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.



Implementation of our cloud-based platform requires on average 2-3 months: on the front-end, customization to the local ecosystem is performed with provider teams.

Ready to implement
Our story began when a team of UCLA specialists designed a value-based care program for the management of chronic diseases and successfully tested it in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), a set of prototypic chronic and highly complex diseases typically associated with poor health outcomes and high costs.



Supervisory Board

David Ehrlich, Chairman
Molly Coye
Lara Koole
Marc Lohrmann
Dick Sietses


Let’s optimize care for complex costly diseases together. Please contact us for additional information or request a demo.